Dallas Tantric & Sensual Massage

Experience Tantra Massage
to unleash your erotic desires while in a safe and secure environment. Frustrated by men who are unaware of how to find the g-spot on a woman let alone touch it in a way to result in an orgasm? Perhaps you are starved for true intimate touch focused on nothing else but your pleasure? Maybe you've heard about multiple orgasms but have never experienced it. Sensual Massage Dallas can provide the touch you want using HANDS ONLY in a very respectful way to allow you to experience your full sexual potential. Tantric Massage (NOT Tantric Sex) can heal feelings of rejection, inadequacies, and depression to make you a much happier and confident person. The experience can be tailored to what you desire. Leave feeling refreshed, happy, and satisfied. Once you try tantra you won't ever want anything else. Serving the North Dallas area with a convenient location in Dallas, Texas.

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I offer several types of dallas sensual massages depending on the need and desires of each client.
Below is a list of the massages usually requested. If what you desire is not listed please feel free to ask for what you are interested in.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

Focused on satisfying your curiosities and/or healing your self esteem.


Couples Tantra Massage

Enjoy a massage with your partner where both of you can enjoy sensual touch focused only on your pleasure.

Teaching Lessons

Teaching Sensual Massage

Designed for your male partner to learn how to touch you in the tantric way.

4 Hands Massage

Four Hands Massage

Tantric Massage with one male and one female masseuse


Light Bondage Massage

Experience Fifty Shades of Grey Bondassage

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Forced Yoga Postions

Deep Tissue

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

Standard Deep Tissue Massage with Lymphatic Draining

Sexual Therapy

Sexual Therapy for Abused

Address fears caused by sexual abuse to enable intimacy again with a partner