4 Hands Erotic Massage

For Women Only

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of your body being cared for by four hands. Imagine the soft, slick feel of oil as it glides effortlessly over your body, directed by two sets sensual hands.

Often during a massage, the brain can pick up on patterns and begin to predict where the next touch will be delivered so massages can lose their unpredictability. By having four hands present, the brain cannot even begin to predict the pattern so each touch is a welcome surprise which is exciting and stimulating. By not knowing what is coming next, you can completely lose yourself in the moment and increase your awareness and sensitivity. Your whole body will ripple with pleasure.

Like all of our other massages, the four hand is all about achieving ultimate pleasure. It also seeks to heal the body, mind, and soul. Massages can repair emotional wounds caused by others. Sex can be challenging for women with low self-esteem and those who worry about their sexual abilities. Tantric massage can rebuild your self-esteem and give you confidence in your abilities making sex satisfying and making it easier to find a companion.

As with all my massages, this is hands only. Neither I nor the female massage therapist are here to be your sexual partner.