about me

Within every woman stirs the soul of a Goddess. Ready to explore the sensual mysteries of the universe. If she is bold enough to pursue this quest, a woman will learn to receive pleasure and to allow herself to surrender to previously unknown sensations.

Please allow me to introduce myself and my Tantric Massage practice. My name is Rama Micheal and I am a Daka Tantrika. I have studied and practiced Tantra Massage for women for over 25 years. This is not a hobby but my livlihood and as such I still attend seminars to further enrich my knowledge of the sensual woman. I am not an escort and I am not here to be your sexual partner. My role is to create an atmosphere of trust, safety, and confidentiality so that you can explore your desires or address your wounds and fears.

My goal in a massage session is to make you feel completely comfortable so that you can shed the inhibitions you have which result in reduced intimacy with your sexual partner. By experiencing the sensual energy with me in a hands only session you can learn what to expect during orgasm and learn what your body responds to so that you can help your current or future sexual partner to discover new ways to develop stronger intimacy.