how to prepare


The most important preparation: PREPARE TO RELAX. The more relaxed you become BEFORE your massage, the deeper the relaxation you'll experience AT your massage and, if you're being treated for an injury, less time and energy will be spent GETTING to the problem and more time and energy will be spent TREATING the problem . . . if you are relaxed.

Prepare your body with a bath or a shower prior to coming. First go to the bathroom and empty your bladder and bowels enema doesn't hurt. Then take a bath or shower and make sure you shave all parts that need it. We will both be more comfortable if your body smells and feels clean. Don't wear makeup, excessive perfume, etc. In addition, do not eat too much. You don't want to be starving, but you might be uncomfortable during your massage if you're stuffed.

You must be healthy to schedule a massage. Please do not come if you are sick with the flu or any other type of contagion as you will be turned away upon arrival for obvious reasons.