Sexual Therapy Massage

For Women Only

Yoni massage can actually help with sexual problems or issues. There are many women that have been hurt, physically or emotionally, at the hands of others, and this can impact on their ability to enjoy a good sexual life. Furthermore, if suffering from low self-esteem, this can prevent some women from achieving orgasm with their partner.

During the Yoni massage, I may carefully insert my finger into your vaginal passage to increase your pleasure. However, this will not be done without your consent, and even if you change your mind at any point during your massage, your decision will be respected.

Tantric massage combined with the techniques you will learn can help you heal from any emotional scars you may have, and will increase your self control. They will help you to learn more about yourself, and that includes your mind, your spirituality, and your body, which will give you sexual freedom in any situation you encounter.