what to expect


All of the sensual massages I offer are hands only. I am not an escort and I am not your sexual partner. The session starts with your offering or donation for the massage. Then you may disrobe and start by lying face down on the massage table. I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the session. Normally I will disrobe to my working shorts to avoid getting oil on my clothes and just to be cooler. However if this makes you uncomfortable please let me know and I will remain fully clothed.

I will proceed at your desired pace. I start by massaging your body with a special herbal oil I invented myself. Often I will use a vibrator (Magic Wand) to stimulate the clitorus or g-spot. I have a variety of other toys available for use depending on your desires. You are welcome to bring your partner to watch during the massage as long as they sit quietly and just allow you to enjoy the massage. All clients have experienced multiple orgasms during a tantra massage. The number of orgasms is usually dependent on how well you can let go and enjoy yourself.